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When decandling pines throughout the season – decandling late spring and early summer where I live – at any given time can be found sprouts summer at many stages different development. The most recently decandled trees in my garden are just showing signs of summer growth, while some of the first trees to decandled now have fairly large outbreaks.

Some of these outbreaks came from adventitious buds, other outbreaks of needles. I usually decandle pines to stimulate adventitious buds -. Buds emerging from the piece remaining after making the cut

Adventitious buds

adventitious buds

outbreaks needles usually appears after decandling when pines are extra strong . Outbreaks of needles are new shoots that emerge between the needles.

Needle buds

outbreak of needles

Needle buds

outbreaks needle flanking a apical bud

Eliminating the most vigorous spring shoots can produce a profusion of buds.

Summer buds

The profusion of outbreaks

Instead of diluting the buds at this stage, I’ll leave you alone and consider removing the entire branch in autumn for reduce the growth rate.

Summer buds

Lots of summer growth

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