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summer job in the black pine

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For producers of black pine, late spring and early summer they offer many opportunities for improving trees.

healthy bonsai pine at the stage of refinement decandled. Depending on the density of the needle after decandling, needles can be diluted and removed branches. If necessary, decandled pines can be transferred, too.

Like many bonsai techniques, wiring branches is stressful for trees. Even when the trees are healthy, wiring can weaken – and sometimes kill – bonsai. How?

trees wiring during the wrong time of year makes it easy to separate the living tissue of the wood underneath. This is particularly true for conifers. Heavy bending is best done when the trees are dormant to avoid this risk.

It is also possible cable damage trees at the right time if the wiring is poor technique. Failing to properly anchor the wire can lead to part branches of the tree during flexion. Power wiring or unevenly can crush the living tissue, in fact breaking the connection between the branch and the tree. The same is true for rough handling in general. If the branches begin to die after stranding, chances of the techniques were not appropriate to maintain the health of the tree.

When applied properly, the cable can make a big difference in the appearance of our bonsai. It is the place where art meets the technician. Wire provides shape and refinement saplings to mature specimens.

below Pine has only been wired a couple of times – just enough to set some of the main branches. The lowest branch is well developed, while the upper branches is just beginning. This makes for a somewhat awkward appearance when connected, but I hope the tree grow quickly through this phase.

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Black Pine – June 2016

decandling After I diluted areas were full and branches that extended beyond the silhouette shortened desired. I also removed extra needles.

Normally I leave 5-7 needles per shoot in the trees at this stage of development, but I’m leaving a little fuller tree if you are ready for an exhibition sooner rather than later.

After decandling, pulling needle, cut, and wiring

a new boat will of course be necessary before the tree will expose . I have some ideas for when the time comes.

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summer job in the black pine

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