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Styled Solid Hemlock very high

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This photo essay ends with a couple of movies … They are too short for popcorn, but long enough to sit down.


Mountain Hemlock before wiring the branch or withdrawn. These are some of the branches previous work closeups:

DSC_0263 DSC_0264

Last week this Hemlock Mountain (Tsuga mertensiana) was designed pruning and wiring. It is an unusual front, as all vertices flow 45 degrees to the back and to the right. For me it was a tree that frequents to find nature, as if he felt like the wind was literally in the back, and so was determined to maintain a sense of windy in style. Given the surrounding trees, it was not a tree naturally influenced by the wind, and the same movement of the vertices was a coincidence.


Bobby progressed since it was placed in a box …


.. . standing on a ladder.

DSC_0276 DSC_0287 DSC_0292

Loved the height of this Hemlock. Although it is more than twice the height of most bonsai, which has a high sense of arboriculture about her that seemed wrong to reduce. So we left very high and it will be more of a ‘tree garden “located on the ground, probably on a slab. 7’ 4” from the top of the box. I will not let anything get higher, so the vertices slowly around a bit and look older over time.

My apprentice Bobby Curttright, who is doing some very fine wires these days, joined with Matt reel whose wiring is always exquisite, made a team of three (me) and finished in hours instead of days .

DSC_0329 DSC_0299 DSC_0310



From the experience exhausting major disputes trees through a normal-sized door in the studio in Japan, I built mine to be 8 ‘… without waiting actually going to work on such a large tree. Bobby and Matt fight the tree across the threshold, while gently using the camera.

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7 ‘4 “/ 224 cm This is an entire tree, a natural group of connected root. For inspiration on how to handle this style, I thought the trees in that curious and expressive mountain area just below the small and atrophied krummholz area where trees still have some height and form small groups of forest. the lower branches of the trees in this area often have the stability of the environment environment, while the vertices are sometimes windblown so this tree was treated that way suggestively this group is an exploration of our forests northwest of bonsai, the first being another Hemlock group designed some time ago..:

first Hemlock Massif

Y! here as promised, there are a couple of videos of this style Hemlock, sporting goods Daft Punk in the background . from time to time just to dip French house music at the end of a day of wiring. Bobby and Matt wire tree in the first, second, gives a feeling 3-D for the group and branch:

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Styled Solid Hemlock very high

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