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Stunning New Stand manufacturer in Portland –

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Austin Heitzman called me last fall and immediately called my attention to the question, “I am a furniture manufacturer in Portland, have some bonsai mine, and I would like to start doing bonsai means, you be nice to get to a visit patio and talk of stands for bonsai ‘Hell yeah

Since then I have become a deep respect! by passion Austin has for wood and its award-winning furniture designs. last week I left a couple of small prototype stands-his first efforts in my studio and I thought I’d share with everyone. he tried to insert stone in part greater than one, and uses pieces live edge on the sides to explore the traditional design bonsai support some immersed in its own territory. it also brought a good jita (slab / burl) with a thickness and perfect finish. I found that results of both were just beautiful. It has many other ideas yet to explore that I am very happy to see them in the flesh! Wood. Whatever.

Please take a look at the website of Austin:


View live edge sides. English and black walnut, black marble top.


This is removable top stone, stone other options for color. We liked both the black better.


Front view retains traditional proportions.


As seen with a tree.


I like the reflection of the pot on top of stone for his sense of depth. Perhaps some would not like this … but I think Austin as planned lots of different designs.


Small cherry burl jita with accent plant.

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Stunning New Stand manufacturer in Portland –

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