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Stimulate new growth on cork oak

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My recent posts have cork oak trees that were removed from the plant during last winter. The aim of these trees is simply get healthy and develop strong roots so that they can support more work next year.

The cork oak was then removed from the ground in 2015 – a year earlier. The tree is very strong, but lacks lower branches on the trunk.

cork oak – 18 months out of the earth

cork oak usually sprout buds where they are cut. Here are two examples of this in which the branches are cut when the tree was dug.

Two emerging branches below the cut

Five emerging branches below a cut

to stimulate the lower branches, I took the long side and straight trunk.

After shortening the trunk

I’ll let the remaining branches run at the moment, but connect them to develop some movement near the trunk. I’m not sure if I will use these branches or not right now, but I know I need a new leader who will take time to develop.

also have a feeling the torso angle change during the next transplant. I do not like when the trunk comes up from the ground. By tilting the tree on the left, I can create movement and get a better idea of ​​where I want branches emerging future.

tilted to the left

That’s all for now. I will continue to feed the tree this year largely in hopes of stimulating new branches and work with me what happens when it’s time for the next round of improvements.

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Stimulate new growth on cork oak

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