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When deciduous varieties get hairy in the spring, which is often a good indicator that it’s time to cut. To keep these strong trees, usually Cutback 3 or 4 buds and only remove growth strengths. A small number of cuts can make a big difference in appearance.


Plum – early May

Plum after cutback

Plum – after trimming

For varieties vigorous as the Korean hornbeam, but again 2-3 buds and partially defoliate by removing most of the leaves, but leaving weak and indoor foliage alone.


carpe Korea – May

As the inner leaves are shaded by the outer leaves, which tend to move the trees partially defoliated under an awning to give the tender foliage a chance to adjust to the light. I also note the irrigation after the defoliant as reducing the number of leaves on a tree often reduces their water needs.

Depending on the weather, new growth may appear within days. Here is the same tree about a month after the reduction and partial defoliation.

Hornbeam - after cutback

carpe Korea – one month

I usually leave these trees only in summer, and then add fertilizer in the fall to give them the food they need to bring new growth next year.

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