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Spring Accent Plants ~

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Here is a sample of accent plants in my backyard doing fun things spring …

I love this time of year. Well enough in the year to see the leaves at its maximum size, but not enough to see the damage caused by insects, the sun or illness, all those things they say, ‘Yes, this is not no spring plus. “

However, not yet. Nope. Today we celebrate spotless spring, and pristine


Iris dwarf. One of the odd perennials will not bloom unless replanted.


Sword fern (right) and Lady fern. Both of these volunteers were, I quite liked placement. free beauty always accepted.


Coral Bell, a saxifrage. Excavated in my garden. Flowering been nonstop for about four weeks.


A burst, and number of giant orchid helleborine climbing.


Juncus and giant helleborine a mass of roots. later, usually there are some spiral orchids appearing in it.


flower double (which meanders to the left), which is not blooming yet. I planted it there. The Saxifraga, the thing upright, blew from somewhere, so I kept it. Not eat much. O snoring. Adoption can be a good accent plant politics … but only if it adds to the improvement and design.


Sword fern, fern licorice, and fragile fern growing on a mound. I think this was a piece of bark I broke with ferns in which years. Ferns are almost indestructible. They are divided into cockroaches and stuff like that.


Collected this years ago, is not sure what it is. It makes a simple, innocuous accent that can be very useful on the screen.


I was so surprised to see succulents and ferns that grow naturally together when I picked up near the coast. We felt that was a contradiction.

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penstemon Evergreen with a small indigenous fern fern called Perejil (bright green) and Polytrichum moss.


Evergreen penstemon to bloom (purple dot) and sword fern. Lava. Wood. backdrop painted background. Bobby out of the picture on the right, the preparation of another plant accent to shoot. Lunch in about 30 minutes.


this was collected in the mountains a couple of years, is not sure what it is. I like to use pots with some green in them sometimes, like this olive colored one. Often you can display the foliage and make it a brighter, more accurate, green.


A blast in a pot of Gary Wood. Gary is high … the fever is high … make other people make decisions like this?


A blast, an herb, and a cache (rather timid) orchid. The ‘pot’ is a cover of a bowl of rice. It has a witty steam hole in it, so, in this orientation, the excess water to drain. Perfect!


Hawkweed. Once, long ago, I made the mistake of accepting one of these Boon Manakitivipart, and their progeny have been bothering me since. Ah good. It’s pretty though. bright yellow. I do not remember planting here, I think that was present and what was sacrificed in peace growing there. Only the strong survive in my yard.


Iris dwarf. The boat is shaped boat, so there is not really crooked, the boat just built rare. Potter guilt. I do every day. (I did it).


fern, heather, bilberry.


A small Saxifraga agglutination and a non thalloid liver curious spider, possibly a Porella . In any case, it is a terrestrial green Cryptogam.


pea, grass, Giant Helleborine, and a thing of blooming yellow flowers in the summer. With larger, more comprehensive plantations of this type accent, often our most powerful design options are by subtraction with scissors. There was an ugly poof grass growing out of the top of it, before taking this photo.

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lily of the valley. (Mary was busy elsewhere). Interestingly, all these grew pointing to the left. Or right, depending on where you stand.


Nice ferns tall lady! Tiny ferns liquorice near the bottom, too. This emphasis begins to be old, growing fern adding mounding bumps from year to year, roots pushing him out of the pot, moss growing on the sides-all the things we want in an accent plant. Many details like this are not replanted more than once every 10 years.


One of my favorites this spring. Very elastic and wildness. In fact, one of the four things here, just planted three. The Saxifraga (Blooming) decided (without asking) that this was his home. Fair enough.

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Spring Accent Plants ~

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