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Spring 2012 Seasonal Gallery –

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Earlier this week five boys down in my studio for three days of festivities bonsai. Here’s a photo tour of some of the events … but most of the decandling black pine, exercise cabling, and final disposal of ponderosa foliage of a grafted tree. We hope you enjoy what we document-

decandle Getting ready for a black pine, concentrating on the needle count. Howard got his fixed glasses since I was here.

Yes, we even cover proper irrigation technique …

Our band nut in one of the local restaurants. A few students refuse to go anywhere, but this particular Mexican restaurant on the first day. This time we had three students from the US and two from Canada. They all got along very well, thankfully. No deportations were necessary. In any direction.

partial defoliation in a Japanese maple

We forgot to take a photo before cutting the juniper foliage Rocky mountains in this grafted tree (rats), so hands vows put them back where they were originally.

This is the same tree with only two grafts a fairly thick sheet Shimpaku on it. Three years have passed since the graft. I found that the roughness of the tree should be reflected in the foliage, hence the odd choice of foliage. We’ll see how develops-

Clean shari in a juniper with a water pistol … something like a powerful pic water for teeth.

Put approach grafts in a juniper

Another favorite restaurant …

And a visualization exercise to end the session. Well, actually we saw a video after this bonsai with popcorn. There was a bit of red pepper on popcorn Howard I think that, given his expressive reaction. No foul play, however, I think put it on himself. Good times, thank you all for joining me!

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Spring 2012 Seasonal Gallery –

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