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for exhibit Bay Island Bonsai this year, I exhibited six trees and four accents. Two of the accents were created for previous exhibitions, while the other (smaller) two came together just before the show. Trees, on the other hand, have all been in my collection for some time.

Two of the pines are the same age, but it does not. Both the red pine forest pine and black shohin were planted in 1994, but the red pines still look young for me. It may be another five to ten years before starting to look his age.

Japanese red pine – 22 years from seed

black pine Japanese – 22 years from seed

the black pine shohin was an obvious choice for the exhibition as recently shown that in the Glass artisans who, incidentally, today launched its retrospective exhibition. More on that a review soon!

Yaupon holly

dwarf glycine ( japonica Millettia ‘Hime Fuji’ )

pine black – 12 years from seed

white chojubai then caught my attention because it was completely budded and begins to bloom right as the opening of the exhibition began. A new pot and some moss and was ready to go.

Japanese flowering quince ‘chojubai’

The hens and chicks are shown below on several BIB exhibitions. One or two years ago, a leaf from a nearby succulent fell into the pot and began to grow. I leave it for the moment.

Hens and chicks succulent

Sedum with Selaginella

The accent is a little later naked. I’m curious how it will look in another year.

Selaginella with two types of moss

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effusis Juncus – possibly ‘Spiralis’

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Show trees and accents

Japanese flowering quince – chojubai

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