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Show Kokufu, Friends, massive snow storm …

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… the usual experience Japan bonsai in February.

I was writing this in the city snow socked Nagano, 6 hours after my plane left Narita airport on the other side of Honshu. wavy vaguely in the direction of my apprentice Bobby Curttright, garden envy Shinji Suzuki left several days before me and had a good time visiting museums in slushy, but not earth-to-high, Tokyo. Here we had more than two feet of snow in less than 24 hours, much more in the mountains, and stop the train Shinkansen bullet in its tracks.

This is why holding the Winter Olympics here in 1998. Snow is likely

But there is no snow in this post … at this time of our trip, we had no idea what was coming. Now that I think of it, no pictures of the Kokufu show either, where photos are not allowed (we have to wait for the book …). Only the central word in the title is represented here, folks. Along with a bonsai some not so shabby.


Our whole entourage went to Omiya Bonsai Village :. From left, Grant, Howard, Peter, Bobby and me in the garden of several generations of Mr. Kato, Mansei-in


eat lunch with Mr. Nakamisu, that guide the tour and three days before had opened this restaurant. Wonderful! Delicious. If you are in Omiya, not IT (a member of the group, please post a comment with the name of it, I have at hand and my memory is like a sieve, which is working well.)

miss IMG_2384

One of my favorite bonsai by Mr. Kimura, a hinoki forest. It spares your garden makes memorable trees stand out. My teacher’s son is studying there, and it was good to see him briefly.

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Our first day ended with the amazing garden of Mr. Kobayashi, where Bobby bought a boat 300 years old kowatari we were all drooling. The baba adds to the patina.


A terrible misfortune shot of one of the interior rooms Tokonoma Mr. Kobayashi. He is one of the masters prevailing view in Japan, my teacher is another.


Bobby and Bill Valavanis in the Shinkansen Obuse, Nagano Prefecture, the town where my master has his garden. Was slightly treacherous get there, the beginning of the week of snow to come, and Bill and Bobby first trip there. Welcome to Nagano: Use your fleeces, wool fabrics, silk underwear …


Tokonoma Shinji Suzuki, a Japanese maple, a shift of a deer in snow, and budding accent brings a touch of spring.


Red UME (Hibai) with a displacement of snow-covered hut in a village, and a washerwoman who is a cheerful bird at this time of year.


on the tile floor, with water flowing beneath two crabs … All the rest of these photos are in the garden of Suzuki in the village of Obuse rather hidden from the busy world of bonsai in the western part of the main island. Getting there is an event in itself, with a sweet reward. Theirs is a simple garden with plenty of space and a feeling of serenity. He built a great addition to your garden three years ago. For some reason I did not care for him when I first saw it, to be honest, but it grows on me. I think he was comparing with the museum was a healer when he was a bonsai apprentice there, and it was a display area busier and I was used to seeing their trees in a different environment. Now that you have taken over a big grape orchard, plus the original greenhouse area, and its expansive feel is a clean backdrop background for their suggestive trees.

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Inside one of the greenhouses Suzuki. Behind the wooden wall is the area of ​​the screen shown in the photos above.


The other side of the same greenhouse, with one of his favorite trees Suzuki, a red pine bunjin which won a prize at the Sakafu fair. It has four large greenhouses in total, which are full of trees in the winter.


I worked in four trees in five and a half days I was not SHOVELING … this was the first. I’ll post the tree back to work in the next post.


Bobby was there for several days. Here it is a juniper start was given to work by Suzuki. Almost all the time we were working on Obuse Suzuki was in the Kokufu fair in Tokyo. More photos from Japan to other posts! Including snow! Interesting. I know. Wait for it.

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Show Kokufu, Friends, massive snow storm …

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