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Shore pine replanting

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Pine Shore is a relative of the lodgepole pine. Both are native to California and parts of the north, but the exact relationship is open to debate (see lodgepole for details). Shore pine bark is great, if slow development, and the needles are relatively short. It is not strong enough to withstand decandling, which can be trained as varieties of white pine. In autumn I take strong shoots of the strong areas and leave the weakest areas only. Sometime before spring, I remove the old needles of the strongest shoots.

I’ve been working on the next model over the past two years. Since it had not been replanted at one time, I changed the pot after removing the old needles.

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Shore pine

current and needles last year

After removing (with scissors) needles last year

As packed my things in the morning of the workshop, I grabbed a boat that seemed to be the right size without looking too closely to it. After working in the tree roots, I took the boat out to clean it and realized that I had caught a very ancient Chinese container. A bit too much for a pot culture? It is possible, but then what is the fun of saving old pots exhibition? As the size was correct and that had brought no alternatives, which went ahead and used old pot.

After transplantation

The crucible of age

I’ve been very happy with the selection because what the tree back home, and since it is a little larger than the previous boat, the new roots have plenty of room to grow.

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Shore pine replanting

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