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Sep 9, buy a Bonsai tree – What to Look

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Whether you buy a bonsai tree, bonsai incoming or empezarpre-growing bonsai … this list of basics will help select and create buenaasignaturas

  • healthy plant -. This may seem obvious, however, occasionally we find diseased plants that are shaped very all right. We want to save them!

No matter how tempting, buy trees and finished starters are healthy.

This means that the leaves or green needles properly (dependiendola season), stability in the pot and lack of pests. An evergreen yellowing, an unstable plant in the pot and / or deformed or burnt leaves are signs of trouble.

  • Family – Start your bonsai with something you already have a good start. Bonsai are basically small arraigadoesquejes or seedlings are more of a long-term proposition. Unless it is a rare plant, usually it is a waste of dinero.Alto or under a trunk proportionately heavy makes you look older tree
  • Taper -. Taper means that the trunk is wider at the bottom and tapers toward the top. The branches should also reduce towards the tip. Trunks or branches as ‘poles’ rarely become buenosbonsai
  • Proportion -. Leaves, fruits and floresdebe be in scale with the final height. If you want to create or buy bonsai unaárbol will remain small, large leaves will detract from the idea that it is a small tree. These same leaves can be OK in a bonsai more grandede the same species. Fruits and flowers rarely reduce in size.
  • Dead branches and no scars are signs of age. You can always create, however, if they are already present you have an advantage. If you are selecting a tree that has driftwood , make it look natural.
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Willow Leaf Fig as Bonsai

(Note the lack of intertwined roots. )

  • Nebari – is a Japanese word that refers to the superficialesque roots tap out from the base of the tree trunk. Flare that is highly valued and adds to the look of age. This Ficus bonsai by Ed trout is an excellent example of good nebari
  • First Branch -. When buying a bonsai is an upright plant, a good first branch is important. It helps if it is about tercioel way to final size of the tree. should also be the most pesadoen branch bonsai.Si all or most of the large branches are at the top of a plant, consider another plant.
  • A lots of branches – When you buy start creating your own bonsai, look for plants with lots of branches. You do not need all of them. However, it will have more opportunities to find good.

  • Proportion – The leaves, fruits and / or flowers should be in scale with the height of your tree. fruit or large flowers can be removed from the “ tree appearance.

Before buying a bonsai tree

Small Juniper Bonsai

Remember small bonsai take a long time to grow large bonsai. If you want a great bonsai, start with larger material

last thought -. The fact that a particular plant is very popular as bonsai – such as juniper – not all necessarily make a good juniper bonsai theme!

On the tour to buy a bonsai tree, take this List ” Fundamentals of purchase with you.

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Sep 9, buy a Bonsai tree – What to Look

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