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These bonsai trees advice comes from many years of growing bonsai.

you see examples, and in some cases further explanations, through this site.

I gathered them here as a way to encourage beginners to think about the many possibilities while enjoying bonsai as a hobby. They are not in any particular order

My two favorite tips are as follows :.

1. Expect your bonsai to change. No bonsai remains the same! Therefore, take pictures along the way.


2. When creating a bonsai, always to rotate about its árbolvarias times. . . and to position it at different angles. Pensarantes to cut!

The hardest part of bonsai creation is “learn to see the future ‘

what will happen when that branch off?

will change at the top should be? it will be a new branch grow where you want it?

Think about what are the extenuating results

About wire

My favorite analogy wire bonsai:

Bonsai Wire is Bonsai appliances are teeth Both are occasionally adjusted;.. is deleted when the job is done and it is not permanent

in addition to creating jins, bonsai pliers are perfect for handling cables, especially in confined spaces.

the following ad says “Buy It Now”, but now i t is really free!
Take advantage of this expert detailed techniques.

Technical Deadwood Bonsai

jin and Shari
it is especially important for a bonsai jin (dry branch) not to look like they got into a pencil sharpener!

bonsai tree tips, jin and shari

Before cutting any branch (especially junipers) jin it. You can delete it after.

Take advantage of recently stripped long branches when they are still green! give them additional ways to wire. When dried, it takes out the new form.

Wired after that have dried will do any good.

Thinking about how you want to shape the shari? Is not safe? Use chalk to draw on the crust and fill the area you are looking at. chalk makes it much easier to “see the future” and is erasable!

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Tips plant Bonsai tree ” Sappy

Pine bonsai sap is especially difficult to remove with regular soap.

bonsai tree tips, mayo is used to remove sap from your hands

Rub hands with mayonnaise. It will help dissolve the sap. Then you can wash more easily with soap and water.

(except a few of those individual packages of restaurants, keep their bonsai supplies.)

Ficus sap? Lightly water the bonsai Ficus leaves before starting to cut – fogging work well. His hands do not end so very stained.

irrigation Bonsai Tips

Take a tip from nature when irrigation bonsai – a good slow rain watering our trees thoroughly. Also clean the leaves. Potted plants generally are kept moist longer after a good soft rain.

The late Joe Samuels spent a lot of time experimenting with bonsai “inside”. Often gently watered in the shower.


bonsai tree tips, turntable for bonsai

turntables are so valuable, that should be on your list bonsai tools . How often do you forget to bring one of the workshops? Small flat “guts” of a lazy-Susan will work miracles (these bearings are available online and in most convenience stores builder.)

The “size of 6 inches will hold up to 500 lbs , so no need to get a bigger one. I put it in your tool bag and leave it there! always ready.

I discovered them by accident, and these bearings are one of my favorite tips for bonsai trees .

a word of caution :. edges are rather sharp, wrap a small towel for storage and careful handling is


addresses fertilizers are not all equal !

bonsai tree tips, fertilizer for bonsai

When using the dissolved in water types take special care to read the instructions.

Some brands call one tablespoon , other containers can be very similar but suggest teaspoon (which of course is 1/3 of the amount.)

you ask me how I know!

Tips Bonsai tree for design

Finding the front – Sometimes you think you’ve found the front and then, when exposed over base tree ( nebari ) to discover their choice does not work! Always check the nebari first

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Find the Top -. The two most valuable ways to determine the top of a bonsai are “cone” (where it does not stop?) And the “rule of thirds”. Study your tree before cutting

First Branch -. No need to always be in use the first existing branch. Sometimes you will have a better tree (usually higher) if the obvious first branch is removed.

Rita and Marc Cooper's white pine with low, long first branch. White Pine

On the other hand not be too quick to remove a first branch particularly low.

Take a look at Japanese bonsai books and calendars for ideas on using low branch that very long ,.

This white pine by Rita and Marc Cooper in England, is a very good example.

Composite sheet Notes

Compound leaves can easily be done look smaller cutting the sheets in half. Cut in the middle brochures.

Two compound leaves with many leaflets

They will appear smaller and without obvious cuts and which does not damage the plant. Learn the difference between sheets and brochures.

Only two leaves in this example, many brochures .

PHOTO TIP to compound leaves…

I was thrilled to have my bonsai tamarindo photographed by a professional. Everything was fine until he chose by having a couple of glasses of wine and a wonderful dinner first

Lesson:. Do not try to photograph plant composite sheet s night. the leaves are closed and not so attractive.

the Power of disappearance

Magic cloth is the tip of the bonsai tree, which always has a smile on my workshops. Everyone knew it was coming. Read more about it and find how valuable it is.

Where to go from here

After reading these tips bonsai trees, see ‘Ten Steps to a good Bonsai. “


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Sep 11 Tips Bonsai tree

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