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Scenes from the first Portland Bonsai Village Tour!

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Our local organization of bonsai, the Bonsai Society of Portland, asked me to put on a summer tour for its members. I was delighted! With several tour options to consider, we ended up with a long afternoon excursion to nurseries and studies of Ryan Neil, Jan Rentenaar, and Randy Caballero. We had a whooping 19 BSOP members register, and the mass of us took off in a boxcars last weekend to be inspired by a beautiful bonsai, bonsai containers handmade, and conifers collected. Several people walked away that day with new trees and shrubs, too.

While we are working on the website for the people Portland Bonsai will share the activities of the people here on the blog Crataegus Bonsai – just so you can get an idea of ​​the kind of experience you might have if they see and visit us. We are certainly open for tours and excursions before the website is …

Enjoy the pictures of our first tour Portland Bonsai Village!


First stop: Neil Ryan’s room. Ryan took almost two hours of your day to spend welcome and talk to the Village Tour. It was impressive and inspiring! Thanks Ryan


The following photos are yard- Ryan






Great pot Ron Lang, Ryan.



Our finding Ryan with his brief impromptu presentation at the American ceramists.


Our tour of the continuous ceramic pots in the studio of Jan Rentenaar, who lives not far from Ryan. She makes a wide range of ceramic materials, including some large containers bonsai wood oven beauty.


Jan is a whole docking speaker! In his yard he had installed a lot of chairs for a little rest in the afternoon, and offered refreshments, too, which were received enthusiastically by our tour members. Thanks Jan!

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Then we went to the house of Randy Caballero, who is full of trees and collected grounding homegrown. This was a great Rocky Mountain juniper.


Village Tour fastener of a small juniper Randy Knight.


Ponderosa pine sale in Randy Knight. A member of Village Tour put a label ‘hold please!’ In this …


huge collection of Rocky Mountain juniper in Randy Knight. Another tree marked by a member Village Tour …


My favorite photo of the tour, in the place- Thank you all for coming Ryan on our first tour! Greg and I were pleased with their enthusiasm … that made our first trip to Portland bonsai share a rich and enjoyable experience!

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Scenes from the first Portland Bonsai Village Tour!

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