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Rocky Mountain Juniper …

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… but not recently! We did this transplant in late March 2014, and like the last couple of posts, I’m playing catch up with the things we did long ago …

The style of this juniper was included in a post 2012:

Enjoy the pictures!


Bobby deletion of the last parts of the case Rocky Mountain juniper was. Bobby Curttright is my apprentice, and for those of you who have been following my blog very long, which is a little beyond the mark of a year studying here.


Excavation of the roots that had some mountain land that holds water. If it is too thin or has organic there that can contain a lot of moisture, and then the roots do not grow in these areas very well.


Bobby and Konnor hamming it up. I do not remember if Bobby had intended to bow to the juniper or not. (Right?)


Starting to prepare the tree in the pot with bamboo trees.


The camera unfortunately focused on dead wood. Oh good. Sometimes this seems mainly blogging thing about showing my bad technique of photography.


Part of the deadwood juniper was used to hold the back of the tree. This operation took a while. Some are finickier physics classes than others, and may end up with narrow shoulders have forgotten to breathe during the last couple of hours, and starved at the top of it.


Konnor sawing a piece of bamboo. This is my only chance to the front of the tree in this series. I tipped the tree to the right a little, and tilted back, so that the tree has a better harmony in their jins than the original facade and the inclination he had chosen. Inevitably some trees, like this one, there is a price to pay for it. The tree is closer to a design of ‘C’, which is generally to be avoided. I found that the benefits in this case were worth … maybe not, but I have years before the next replant and having to make that decision again.

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Chopsticking, chopsticking, and even cut some stick oh!


This tree had grown around a piece of granite, and is now trapped in dead wood at the base. So let there. Actually it helps the tree look more stable.


The finishing touches.


Yes, I do a little too bonsai … A by Michael Jackson look here. I’m not sure it’s working.

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Rocky Mountain Juniper …

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