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Rocky Mountain Juniper Special Styling –

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This tree is special for two reasons. The first is because my friend Troy Cardoza picked it up. I like to have trees that link me with others. It is also special because it is quite small for his age, with some great sinuous lines.

Troy picked this Rocky Mountain juniper early last year, and became so well both last year and this year I thought we’d just Style before it is complete mop foliage. It was potted in pumice and only fertilized with moderate amounts of organic granules. precious raw tree. I enjoyed completely styling session. They had a couple of friends fall in while I was working on it and threw a camera on them, so there is some documentation that this transformation was not done in a sort of disembodied form. There was a person in the background somewhere …

I have a nice pot of this tree and provide updates on their progress in the future. At the moment it is sitting in a greenhouse under an awning. Large curves that were needed are stressful on the tree and when given protection from wind and strong sun there are usually no problems. You will notice that left many tips long growing on it, which will help to recover from bending, and also many of the branches are a little short and need to lengthen.

One of the things that make this a rare tree that only work with smaller size is needed, essentially only shortening jins, some long and thin. And the rest of the dead wood is completely natural in this truly medium ‘bonsai-tree sized’ moderately, 24 “high.

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Juniper before any work began.

the front and inclination I preferred for this tree. there were several possibilities, and other artists could have chosen something else.

I considered leaving the crust, because it was so wonderfully crumbled and thick. But decided to remove it as usual in the junipers to determine the trajectory of the vein live and visual dynamics between that and the dead wood.

Two of the branches needs significant to use the foliage in the design curves.

tree over. Or as my friends remind me “no, it’s not over, it’s a dead tree! “It is quite alive. The tree is 24 “high, 31” wide. The lower left branch is the main branch so you will have to grow up a little. Left flow. In fact all branches need length as a small tree looks at the top of a large base. I hope I have put things straight about so there will be little need for major adjustments to compensate than expected growth. Over time the future image display greater integration of foliage and the rest of the tree.

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Rocky Mountain Juniper Special Styling –

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