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Rocky Mountain juniper cascade style –

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I had a comment in another post this month juniper tree that looked like a pronghorn end … it was quite apt I thought, without But that name could go on for this one, too. It is a Rocky Mountain juniper picked up a few years ago by acquiring Randy Caballero and Ryan Neil, and my apprentice Konnor and style that makes a couple of weeks here in Portland, Oregon, USA ..

A Although the choice helped tilt, front, and the establishment of branches, most of the work, including wiring was made by Konnor. some late night fun and later ended up with this style. Please let us know what you think!

As the tree was before he began tinkering with it …

not bow down trees just to make life difficult, actually, although it must appear that way sometimes. I hope the root system does not have to do any of the folding techniques really strange next spring to get into a bonsai pot.

Konnor and wiring the tree. Photo by Troy Cardoza in one of his impromptu visits and much to enjoy the garden.

Here is the final image. I forgot to measure the tree, but as you can see in the picture above is a large tree quite modest. Crazy old, dead wood that is fantastic. Please let us know what you think of this. In fact, as I’m writing this looks a bit like a scorpion … what do you think, Konnor? Did we make an arachnid?

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Rocky Mountain juniper cascade style –

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