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Revisiting a-Root Raised Cascade White Pine –

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This tree has been well developed in recent years. Exposed roots have grown in size, and the development of the branches made our re-adjust a little more complete.

Konnor is a customer who throws a few trees in a car and drives across several state lines to spend a few days in my studio. I have always wanted their visits.

Call for reseating …!

June 2006

This was the original facade of 2006 …

April 2006

… and here’s the other side, also in 2006 when Konnor began to play with it as a new front.


This is in January 2015, before we did anything.


After that shorten branch pruning and thinning of the needle.


Konnor wearing a sweatshirt ‘Telperion Farms …


This pine was grown in a vat of pumice surrounding the akadama / pumice root ball for a couple of years, to give the tree a little ‘umph’.


With almost ready … only a few branches at the apex to go.


This was our original “Ok, that’s it! ‘And then, on second glance, I saw the corner was too open and lanky …


… so restore the branches up there at the apex. it’s subtle, but look back and forth between these two pictures and you should see a difference. I would have gotten one ‘65% ‘Suzuki on that first. Vertices should be dense and with a clean profile. If you lack that, the tree lacks solidity, as if a key branch had not been taken care of. I forgot to measure this tree, but you can see in the pictures with the two of us, they are human beings of normal size, the tree is somewhat smaller than a tree of average size. Ah. which is not much more than vague. in any case, we have been waiting to put this guy in a new pot for a long time, so it was fun, too. they do not look as good in wooden vats for some reason.

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Revisiting a-Root Raised Cascade White Pine –

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