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Repotting the two seasonals Gallery March –

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Our seasonals Winter had new trees, lots of transplantation, some odd projects and fresh new faces- enjoy our photo gallery!


Potting a bunjin Ponderosa was carved in a season last fall. From left to right:. Ben, I (or maybe tree), Ron Howard


Bobby with the difficult task of holding a tree, while the rest of us and hoot of derision. Bobby is a fan Portland Timbers. Naturally.


expressive technique wand Ron


Howard enjoying lubricating the drill … and make I wet. In a new twist in the story of Tom Sawyer, I sold the task to drill another hole …


Working in a Hinoki forest. The next two pictures are of the same tree-


Our hinoki forest as it was found, grown together for more than 10 years with trunks of about the same size and almost equal spacing. That was our puzzle game. With only a small hinoki we could add … (because everything we had!)


Our solution: Without taking separate trees that would have a bunch of them, converting the group of about 15-20 degrees clockwise placement trunk did have spaced more attractive. And we add a little wee hinoki on the far left, tucked under the eaves of a large one. Some of the differences in the size of these logs can be mitigated over time, with the growth and formation of trees differently. And then, maybe we present a few young upstarts hinoki trees tucked here and there in another season. Any other year. When seedlings have more upstarts. I think the nylon slab we put in is a bit too large for these (cough) six trees, but the trees are weak and need a lot of work and will develop in size. And in a few years we can redo perhaps with a bit more trees added. They made cuts …

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pine roots after 5 years in dry oil. That is why I do not use dry oil.


pine after 3 years in the pumice. This is why use of pumice. The rootball is this tight all the way through.


It was a pleasure to have Jonas here for a season, which is an old college friend. And joining him is Randi, also of Virginia bonsai club.


In this pine flexible transplantation found a double helix structure of the root down below-


No I’m sure Jonas knew I was doing in bonsai silence in college, too …

DSC_1104 Bobby looking through a drain hole in our slab hinoki forest. Stripes. Again. very stable horizontal. Good balance.

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Repotting the two seasonals Gallery March –

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