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Repotting a forest of red pine

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Late last year, I brought my red pine forest in a workshop with Daisaku Nomoto to see on their preparation for the show. To my surprise, Nomoto was more concerned about the way the group planted what was with the branches. A transplant was in order.

Nomoto chief comment was that he did not like the trees were planted at the same level. The tallest tree, he thought, should be planted about an inch taller. The rest of the trees were in about the right places. To raise the main shaft, I took down the forest.

Red pine forest

pine forest Red

had not replanted the group since he first made. In the following years, the roots had grown into a solid block.

Out of the pot

Like a big tree

I cut next out each of the trees, trying, while working to preserve as many roots in each possible.

Sections of forest

separately The first tree

Sections of forest

Another tree itself

Sections of forest

This block was left as a unit

Sections of forest

ready forest components to reassemble

the same pot was used as it was a good size for the group. After cleaning and cable screen and adding, Nomoto adds a drainage layer of pumice medium size.

Patting down the drainage layer

patting the drainage layer

The assembly process involved a series of hands and cables as tall trees were tilting.

Lining up the trunks

Nomoto aligning the logs

Tying the trees into place

start installing the lumps in place

The way, one lost his place in the group trunks. Right in the center of the composition, this trunk is pointing in the wrong direction. We removed the top and the rest jinned.

One major branch removed

One less trunk

Once the trees were in place, gave me drink and added moss.

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Red pine - 19 years old

As discussed on display 14 edition of BIB

The final composition was very similar to the starting point.

Red pine forest

Front – before

Red pine - 19 years old

Front – after

Each trunk sits at a height and angle slightly different and the main shaft is now a little high. We removed the trunk is now a prominent jin in the center of the group, but this will be less apparent as the foliage continues to develop -. The main task of the coming years

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Repotting a forest of red pine

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