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Repotting 3 Days in february –

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February ended with a large tour group composed mainly of new students of three newcomers, one of returnees. Thanks Andrew, Dan, Steve and John (our veteran) for a fantastic and productive three days. And thanks for taking such great pictures! Many of them did not take, however, found in my camera-


shot I found all: a. A splinter of Andrew, John, Steve in the background, and most of Dan



Old trees …


… and younger.


Steve and Andrew addressing the root mass of this Japanese maple.


This is the maple tree sister had in the last post, air in layers about six years ago from a sweet, thin thing I bought after back from Japan. I got it at Wee tree, I think.


bonsai levitated. (Enjoy, Greg -)


John noodling one Trident, which is a strong suggestion of a better nebari. Seedlings to be threaded on the table.


Dan excavate part of the root system of a limber pine.


Our mascot bronze crab-yet-unnamed wandering around and shown in random photos. courtesy of Matt Crustacean reel.


In horrible place ‘potting’ discovered in the back of this fir, which was partially bare rooted. The opposite side was in akadama / pumice launched a couple of years ago and was a virgin.


Dan are a professional photographer or what? He loved it. (I think it was Dan with the camera this time …?)


Steve and I chopsticking. For anyone who does bonsai, that does not mean that we are fencing with sticks. It reads: ‘soil settlement between the roots’. With chopsticks.


I love that rawhide mallets.


is so funny photograph photographers. Why?

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Meeting with spruce-
SeaStudents, thanks! Great times-

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Repotting 3 Days in february –

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