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Removing Woes wire-wire

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We read all the time. “Take the wire before biting in.” Many of us actually do this. And only about half the time is actually what we should do.


This cable in a hemlock is getting tight. However, allow a little more time. If removed now, most of the benefit of having the cable henceforth be lost. As it is fall, and cambium will not grow in the winter, I’ll leave this at some point until spring at least. then I’ll start checking for leaks again. (there is no problem to leave wire in the winter-another myth. I’m not sure where that started.)

therefore. Cable. in the branches. Big problem, right?

to be simple, the question of when remove the wire is actually divided into two questions:

1. tree is a conifer or deciduous tree?

2. The wire is biting into?

And the answers are, if the tree is a conifer, we have let the sting wire in a little before taking it out. If we do not, the work will have no value. We have wasted our efforts.

If the tree is deciduous, treat (this is almost impossible, but try anyway) to take it off just before biting into . If a cable bite on a branch in an old deciduous tree, you might as well cut and start again. If it is a deciduous tree or younger branch, which could arise from a scar modest fine wire.

The reasons for the difference? Conifer branches are elastic, and need more cambial growth and timber production “set” of the branch. deciduous branches will get easier and take less time. In addition, conifers tend to mask some branches with foliage throughout the year and often more rough bark. deciduous trees are shy when naked, and prefer to be seen without-scars.

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The wire wraps here are in need of removal. Sometimes all you find are a couple of places like this, and then you should only take off the areas where it is biting in. Leave the rest.

These casings are wire in another branch of the same hemlock, and are in need of removal. It should have been retired a little earlier. Sometimes all we find are a couple of places like this. Remove only a wrap or two in which biting on. Leave the rest.

If you have a professional duck around your backyard and wiring of a twig or two, they do the honor of removing the wire at the right time. For God’s sake do not waste your time and money by taking it too soon. Avoid revisitations exasperated when they could connect too hard to frustration.

Monitoring of the work itself can be quite complicated. I swear went to boil water one day and when I came out a maple branch cable was beyond help. Some use the smart phone technology to control their dogs when they are away; I think we should use to check what our cables are doing in our deciduous when we go for a walk around the block.

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Removing Woes wire-wire

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