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Removing flower buds of azalea

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I’ve seen blooming Satsuki in most months of the year, but are more likely to bloom around May. This is natural as the satsuki name (and old phrase “fifth month”) refers to the month in which bloom. Why, then, one of my azalea flower caught my attention today? Because he had previously taken me most of the other buttons flowers – this was one that I missed

Satsuki azalea

Satsuki Azalea

White blossom [

white flower

I’ve been removing flower buds in winter to divert more energy into tree foliage production. whether I can enjoy the flowers or get a great spring growth – I can not have both. As I would like to accelerate development along this tree, I have been in removing most of the outbreaks.

Looking more closely at the tree, I found some others that I had missed. I took me gently bending the yolks until they were released.

A flower bud

Fixing the stem below the bud

Breaking the flower bud

Fold the outbreak until it breaks

buds flowers

Azalea and spring buds emerge from the same place. I work with caution when removing the pads this time of year to avoid breaking the tender new shoots.

Bud and new shoots

Bud, with new outbreaks

Bud removed

Bud removed

okay to remove buds they have begun to open, but at this time usually leave them alone so you can enjoy the color.

Flower and bud

pink flower dark with light and dark green foliage

Once most of the flowers have bloomed, they are removed with fingers or scissors. I usually do this before the petals fall away, as they have in the photo below.

After flowering

After the petals fade – stigma, style and ovary revealed

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Removing flower buds of azalea

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