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Red pine forest omoshiroi

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“omoshiroi” means “strange” or “interesting” in Japanese. It can be used to convey respect or derision -. What makes it a useful term for bonsai

During a workshop organized by Bay Island Bonsai Daisaku Nomoto, brought me in a red pine forest that had grown from seeds. Nomoto be found Grove omoshiroi . It took some interest in the forest, insisting that two of the trunks bend down and remove a large branch of the main shaft. He was not worried about the unorthodox nature of the composition or the lack of cone – the forest was omoshiroi . I wondered if I should connect the other branches – Nomoto did not think they needed it. The branches do not need much attention because the carefully detailed branches not correspond with unusual trunks. I slimmed new shoots to one pair per branch and removed the old needles.

Red pine forest

pine forest Red – before clipping

Red pine forest - after cutback

After trimming

going to rewire some of the main branches when decandle later this spring. It seems that this forest could be my best candidate for exhibit BIB next year, but it is too early to say for the moment. I’ll know more in autumn when the summer fills growth.

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Red pine forest omoshiroi

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