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Red pine and black pine

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I have found that red and black mature pines can sometimes be difficult to differentiate. character of the leaf and bark can vary greatly from specimen to specimen and many trees exhibit qualities associated with the two varieties. Younger trees, however, are generally easy to distinguish. Black pines have grown normally have, straight needles resistant, while red pines have needles often are less resilient and less straight.

1-1/2 year-old pines

1-1 / 2 years old, black pine and red pine

Young black pines in my garden typically have darker green foliage young red pine, although I often see the opposite in older samples.

2-1/2 year-old pines

2-1 / 2 years old, black pine and red pine

growth of the needle often seems more compact than black pines red pine.

3-1/2 year-old pines

3-1 / 2 years old, black pine and red pine

Much of this difference disappears when the trees decandled, but when varieties often can be distinguished by the silhouette alone is left alone.

3-1/2 year-old pines

black and red pines

One of the best ways to distinguish varieties outbreak is to check color. red pine buds are usually red.

Red pine buds

red pine buds

Black pine buds are counterintuitively, white.

Black pine buds

pine buds Black

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Red pine and black pine

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