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Pruning Repotting 1 year old black pine seedlings

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Last year I tried two different approaches to plant cuttings black pine seedling – planted in individual containers, the approach more often he had taken in the past, and planting groups them together in terracotta pots (see “pot seedling-cuts”). While seedlings-seedlings planted in pots 3 “did well, plant them in pots larger terracotta did much better. I have a good picture of what appeared this winter, but you can see how they looked last spring then

Seedling-cuttings planted in rows

newly planted seedlings-cuts. – May 2012

This winter separates me seedlings and planted them in their own containers a. cohorts Nomoto in Japan has grown from seeds of black pine for many years and recommends them to slowly develop in the early years and promote stronger growth once it has established the basic shape of the trunk. Nomoto and rooted in looking properly the boat and found high 4 containers “that seemed a bit large and tiltable me. Nomoto thought they were perfect -., As long as we cut a little

Nursery pots

The lower half, upper half, a full pot

Holes drainage were huge and require a large piece of screen to cover the entire bottom of the pot, but as this sounded like a lot of work, which use large floor drain in place.

Large drainage holes

large drainage holes

Course lava

3/8 “lava

Drainage layer

lava that covers the drain holes

seedlings themselves ranged from 1 inch tall with an inch of stem below the surface nearly 4 inches high. Even the smallest seedlings had a lots of roots.


One of the small seedlings (red pine)

for planting, which held the seedlings in place and soil added slowly.

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Planting seedling

Ready for soil

Seedling planted

Repotting complete

it took me a time to plant all. every time ended in a plane, put them on a bench and watered.


1 seedlings years old

Towards the end I found I had a small number of saplings and a large number of remains of pot. I also remembered that I wanted to do some pines exposed roots. What to do?


healthy seedling

Very large pumice

Large pumice

Planting seedling

pumice in a pile of debris pot held together with duct tape

Planting seedling

Ready for soil

Seedling planted

planted plant

Tall pot

plenty of room for future roots

Future exposed root pines

large pots with lava keep the cylinders tipping over

I will water and feed these trees one year old for a year or two before it’s time to start wiring. I will show work for 3 years, seedlings Fridays.

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Pruning Repotting 1 year old black pine seedlings

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