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Preparation of a juniper for exhibit

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Have you ever find you have a tree or two to prepare for an exhibition and only a limited amount of time to do the job?

When my time is limited, start with the basics. The basics, if you are working on a juniper summer, include cleaning tree silhouette, removing algae from dead wood, preparing the soil surface, and cleaning the pot.


procumbens juniper – 20 “

junipers are appreciated by the movement of the trunk and dead wood Even when the movement is subtle, is an important feature. highlight When the bark is gray and dead wood is covered with algae, it can be difficult to appreciate these features


Before cleaning -.. is difficult to discern lifeguard deadwood

Looking up into the tree, it is easy to see a lot of dead branches and dead over green wood.


outbreaks killed and Green deadwood

where to begin? with the moss growing on the trunk base. once the moss is out of the way to better view the lifeline and clean dead wood underneath.


from remove the moss


After removing the moss

Now I can go to work on dead wood. I wet dead wood and scrubbing with a toothbrush. Cleaning


dead wood with a toothbrush

I found soft bristles, so they switched to a stiff bristle brush. As the brush work was slow, I reached the point gun.


welding gun

specific weapons are great for cleaning the living and dead wood in bonsai.


accumulation of dead wood firing

After rinsing the trunk and let it dry, trunk looked much better.


After cleaning the gun deadwood place

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The jin inside the tree also brightened.


Clean jin


Base of the trunk from the right touchline

next applying lime sulfur dead wood in a 1 :. 1 ratio with water




The application of lime sulfur with brush

While lime sulfur-seca, I came to work on the lifeline. I use a tool spoon, I left gray bark flakes to reveal reddish bark underneath.


The removal of the outer layer of the cortex


The removal of some of the latest flakes crust.

After scraping what I could, I used a nylon cloth to clear remaining debris.


Brushing the lifeline

With the trunk clean, could move me in the foliage.


After cleaning the dead wood, root,

Because the juniper was so full, many of the interior buds were dead.


dead shoots inside the tree

it removes the dead shoots me by the hand and slimmed healthy buds. I also cut some of the outbreaks that protruded beyond the silhouette of the tree.


Cropping a long session of

When cleaning the foliage in junipers, the most important to eliminate outbreaks are hanging down. Doing better define tablets branches and give the tree a more refined feel.

After a swift pass, the figure was slightly better defined.


After thinning and removal of the low-growing shoots

From here can quickly clean the pot and add the moss as a preparation superior. I will also make minor adjustments to the branches with the cable is already in place.

Why, one wonders, prepare a tree for display in summer?

This weekend – REBS Issue 33 of Annex Bonsai

The Redwood Empire Bonsai Society is organizing its 33rd annual exhibition this weekend at the Santa Rosa Veterans Building in Santa Rosa, California. Hours are 10-5 10-4 Saturday and Sunday. The exhibition is the largest in Northern California and the vendor area is one of the best in the area. I’ll be there with pots, trees, tools and building materials. Hope to see you there!

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Preparation of a juniper for exhibit

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