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Potters! The National Contest of Bonsai Pot looms!

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Attention Potter bonsai! Send your work!

The National Competition bonsai is revitalized this spring. The visionary event is headed by Ron Lang and Sharon Edwards-Russell, and promises to show us what wizardly ceramists have been doing in the field of bonsai pottery in the last decade.


Attn: Incorrect Potter. Potters we want to have a wheel, not a snitch.

The deadline is looming now, so those who do not make pots, potter definitely heckle your friends to submit their best. Also consider coming to the reception and presentation of awards at the National Arboretum, the exhibition will open on Friday night June 12, 2015.

The submissions deadline is March 21 at which has, as of this writing, only a little time to make fantastic world bonsai container, and, hopefully, move to shoot before the guillotine falls.

Also, there are some monetary awards to be delivered, somewhat discriminatory. That’s where the judges come into play. Sara Rayner, Deborah Bedwell, and I will decide which win pots.

If you do not know what the dozen styles and a half boat categories are competitive, then you definitely have some reading to do. For more information and to apply for the contest, please visit:

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Potters! The National Contest of Bonsai Pot looms!

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