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Thanks to all who attended the Bay Island Bonsai display this past weekend. It was a fun event and I’ll have a lot to share about starting this Friday. Today I wanted to revisit pot selection exercise last week. I really appreciate all suggestions and wanted to respond before reaching the rest of the exhibition.

First, here it is the tree with the selected pot as shown in the exhibition.

Japanese black pine as represented in the exhibition 2016 Bay Island Bonsai

Pot – # 4b of the last message – is Reiho. I do not think it was a perfect fit, and there are several other options that might have worked well.

However, the first. I think the style is close, but that the size and particularly the depth is too great.

Pot 1 – ridged sides

Pot 2 may have been a good choice – I really like the age I passed on -. But he would have needed to remove more roots of what he wanted the boat is quite narrow at the base

pot 2 – ancient Chinese

the third pot it is an OK fit in style, but it was a bit shallow and a bit wide.

Pot 3 – style nanban

I selected the Reiho for the show, but decided not to use the side with the act. They were the oldest tree and pot I could have used this side.

Pot on the 4th – Reiho

The boat was a little on the shallow end, and I do not like the rootball was so raised as high as was. Ideally, the rootbase would be less deep so it is a better option for the tree. Over time I hope I will be able to reduce the root ball, but it will take some time.

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Pot 4b – same pot from the other side

The drum boat was too big. The style may be a bit strong for the tree, but I would think it would be fun to see the tree in a similar pot that is the right size.

Pot 5 – pot drum

The size was quite close in the shallow dish. If he had a large mound to accommodate the root ball may have worked well. On the aesthetic side, I wanted to go with a slightly more substantial pot. The thin walls of the pot and the facts of a more delicate appearance tapered sides. I would try this pot again in the future.

Pot 6 – shallow dish

Pot No. 7 was a good game, but is a bit small for the tree.

Pot 7 – nanban

Pot # 8 was the crowd favorite. I also thought it was a good fit, and it was my second choice. It was, however, a little wider and a little prettier than I was looking for. Depending on how the branches are when the tree is further along in its development, it might be a good fit.

Pot 8 – shaped flower pot

came across the square pot to be too large and a bit on the plain side. A smaller and a little less deep version might work better.

Pot 9 – square pot

Bunzan I have included the boat for fun. It’s a bit small and not exactly what people expect for black pines.

Pot 10 – Bunzan

The last boat might have worked were much smaller. I really like the pot, but not necessarily for this tree.

Pot 11 – square pot

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‘ll keep looking for alternatives throughout the year and be sure to share good examples that I find along the way. Thanks again for the suggestions!

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