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translated into Spanish

Finally, after many incidents occurred during the job, “post-dated: Training the UN irreverent Monk bonsái “it has been translated into Spanish. We are in the final stages for the Publication of eBook. My friend Felipe Rodriguez of Mexico has been the translator and his great enthusiasm and passion for the project has been truly is contagious. And has been a great honor Que with similar enthusiasm David Benavente has agreed a Writing the preface.

Finally, after many threats that it was in the works, ‘postdated: schooling of a Irreverent Bonsai Monk’ has been translated into Spanish. We are in the final stages of creating an eBook. My friend Felipe Rodriguez of Mexico has been the translator, and his enthusiasm and passion for the project has been truly infectious. And it has been a great honor that with a similar enthusiasm David Benavente of Spain has agreed to write the foreword.


I used the yellow circular sector. I just did not trust the advice to add an ‘o’ to everything.

For those who know it, ‘post-dated’ is about, The years I lived, over-worked and almost-without-sleep, As an apprentice bonsai with Shinji Suzuki, Nagano, Japan . It is an extravagant / philosophical form of assumed apprenticed as a foreign and Trafficking no much about how do we make the Chinese bonsai The Reasons. And, as I say in my preface to the Spanish edition it is also about ‘The type of problems that we can have as Foreign Away from home’.

For those who are unfamiliar with it, ‘postdated’ is about my years as an overworked, under-slept with Shinji Suzuki bonsai apprentice, Nagano, Japan. It is a whimsical / philosophical take on the learner and abroad, and is less about how we do bonsai why we do bonsai. And from my Preface to the Spanish edition, it is also about ‘the kind of problems that we can get away from home and abroad. “


will look something like this, but translated …

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Shortly PubliCare An Interview with Mr. Rodriguez acerca post I dated Allied and Topics, later to let them know when it will be available the book. Although I do not speak Spanish, who wish to make comments in this language can do it, I’ll try to answer them using Google Translate.

Soon I to publish an interview with Mr. Rodriguez about things later and related date, and then of course I will know when the book is available. Although they do not speak Spanish, anyone who wishes to comment in Spanish can they are necessary, and I will try to answer through Google Translate.

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