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Portland passport Bonsai Europe people will …

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Unfortunately, I discovered some things about the new passport Portland Bonsai people on my trip to Europe. On the one hand, you will not enter the castle of the Habsburgs in Vienna …


… that will not get you a German train …


… not a Czech train …


… that you can not even buy breakfast in a B + B in Munich, Germany … (I tried)


… Michael Tran and Heike van Gunst liked in the Noelanders Trophy, Belgium, though. ..


… but still, Farrand Bloch Bonsai Focus looks skeptical that would take me far in the Netherlands …


… and he was right, the people passport did not arrive to me on a train in the Netherlands …


.. . I’m sure you’re starting to wonder what passport will do for you, because I discovered even a cruise through the canals of Amsterdam would not accept a town passport …


… but once you’re on an Amtrak train Oregon are very close to having to be of some use to you. When the train is deposited in Union Station in Portland, Oregon, call me. Because then you will be very close to a number of bonsai, and your passport will be received with shouts of recognition. (We hovercraft and parachutes options for those who prefer alternative ways to reach, which is our taste anyway Portland -)

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Portland passport Bonsai Europe people will …

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