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Portland Bonsai Village tours generate momentum –

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been a busy dock! Portland bonsai scene is humming, and I had less time to blog about what it should. When sticky sap and dirt, it is easier to put it off another day …

We had several Village Tours, and only a couple of which have had cameras click away. Some of them have been traveling in a group (the largest with 19 people!), And others have been private tours. Our last tour features private guest Roland Folse the east coast.


Neil Roland visiting Ryan in his garden-


… and Roland in my garden.

See our last posts in Portland Bonsai people: /

Scenes from the very first Portland Bonsai Village Tour!

… Our previous post wobbly over the people:

Portland Bonsai Village gets on the design board…

… And then have a look at the tours we offer (including our new Tour, the rarity of the tree, a winding route ridiculously old individual trees, in the historic districts of cowards Portland, with potentially brewery frequent stops or bring your wine):

The Village

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Portland Bonsai Village tours generate momentum –

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