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Portland Bonsai village is placed on the drawing board …

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The Portland Bonsai Village is being built! Well … not wood, actually, but with great ideas and interesting programs. Meanwhile, here are a little firm prelude …

Take a look at this virtual tour of possible Peoples. Vote for your favorite! Or suggest alternatives …

Although I’m not sure we can meet the dinosaurs, our planning team was very taken with the idea of ​​bonsai cultivation fields in terraces, a large fan to keep insects and frost away. Very nice.

Our second option is a bit remote, reached only by donkey in a fairly narrow path. Something monastic. Yogis appreciate bonsai.

design perfect for those deeply concerned by attack fans with very different views on the aesthetics of bonsai people.

Deeply woo-woo, very Portland, definitely some possibilities restaurant-farm to table. Roofs bonsai gardens. For those who prefer the latest trends.

I’m not sure if this was in a construction phase or a phase of deconstruction. It will be informed. Likely to have a number of curious goats. bonsai tall fences a necessity.

Chagall thought a town should look like this. Complete with goats.

This version is likely to be very popular, as most visitors to the Portland Bonsai people are assumed was coming here in the first place for romance.

Well, let us know what you think.

Stay tuned for a more substantive position in the near future that offers a glimpse of what is really being planned for Portland Bonsai Village. Nothing goats or high fences, just to clarify …

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Portland Bonsai village is placed on the drawing board …

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