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Planning an exhibition of bonsai

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Members Each summer Bay Island Bonsai are invited to the home of great help for a barbecue. It is one of the two most important events of the year – the other is the annual exhibition in January. The barbecue is a great opportunity to catch up with other members. The approach:. Planning exhibition next year

Morten noting volunteers

Morten in Flipboard

Morten has been doing a great job guiding BIB through the process exhibition from the beginning. Together, we cover the small but important issues such as when and where we will meet and that loading and unloading trucks. larger issues and description of the improvement objectives are also discussed. The main purpose of the business, however, is to find potential customers for the responsibilities related to the show-including photography, sell, auction, entertainment, front door, security and educational program. Once the cables are selected, members are registered to display functions to ensure these areas are well attended. We encourage this volunteer with food and sometimes ice cream.

Post lunch coma

Post-lunch coma – and yes, that’s Yusuke Uchida with the shadows in the center

After the meeting, which continued to talk about the show, asking if there are more effective ways to get trees trucks to their screens or the best way to identify the material for the sales area. We also enjoyed the bonsai. Boon garden is full of trees super -. more on that Friday

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Planning an exhibition of bonsai

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