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pine roots exposed in progress

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Last year I referred to a process for the development of pine roots exposed (see “Repotting 1 year old black pine seedlings”). I was started two last year, one black, one red. Here is the black pine 1 year.

Planting seedling

1-year-old black pine

The tree has done well – here it is a year and a half later


Exposed root black pine

2-1 / 2 year old black pine – Any suggestions as to why some foliage is yellow

The red pine in a pot at the same time, has also taken off.

Exposed root red pine

2-1 / 2-year-old red pine

I’m happy to see such strong growth and I am planning to run for the two trees several years to thicken the trunk and roots. I’ll start considering the branches and actually expose the roots sometime in the future.

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pine roots exposed in progress

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