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Pinching candles spring in the black pine

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The basic premise behind developing material for bonsai is simple: first build the trunk, then focus on the branches. When the trunk is built, promote vigorous growth to thicken the trunk quickly. By focusing on the development of subsidiaries, promoting less vigorous growth to ensure good density office. It sounds easy, but it can be a little more than that. When making the transition from the development of the trunk to branch development, many bonsai will be quite vigorous. What are some good strategies to reduce the force? A reduction of fertilizer sounds like a good idea, but reducing it too much can weaken trees. And in the development of the pines, it is important to keep them strong enough to withstand decandling. The reduction in sunlight or water is another strategy, but to maintain healthy trees, lots of sunlight and water is required. The main thing is to avoid overwatering at this stage, as it can lead to excessively long needles. One way to reduce speed is to shorten pine candles spring. After the candles begin to lengthen, simply break somewhere candle with your fingers. How much to break depends on how long the candles are. Here is an example of an 11-year-old black pine. Young black pine

11-year-old black pine

The idea of ​​this is to make a bonsai pine small. As the trunk has reached the desired size, I can pinch the longer sails to reduce the amount of food the pine produces. Pinching a candle

First grab the section is removed

Pinching a candle

Then remove

me shortens the longest candles this pine in about half, but the shorter candles left alone. Young black pine

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After reduction of the longest candles

I would have approached the longer a little longer, but I did not want to remove too much foliage at this point and I’ll have another opportunity to balance the force decandling time. No note, pinches candle is different from what is commonly known as decandling. While decandling is the removal of fully developed buds in spring, pinch refers to the partial reduction of candles before the needles are extended. Once the pines develop more, it is rare for extra long candle to develop the force as generally more balanced in mature trees. When these long shoots do not appear, they set off. thanks for reading

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Pinching candles spring in the black pine

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