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Pinch never junipers!

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Basically, do not pinch junipers. We cut new long extensions with scissors … and I know it’s going to raise some eyebrows. I think the idea of ​​junipers pinching with fingers began long ago in the Japanese translated articles written by those who do not specialize in or have much experience in junipers. And then we bought into the idea of ​​tweaking because it seemed like a way to have fun with our junipers. But pinches, especially over-pinching where each growing tip is removed, it has been killed junipers for decades.

There is a lot of misinformation out there about junipers. For starters, needle and junipers are kept totally different scale. It is essential to know what you have so you can train properly. This really needs to be addressed. There are too many junipers weakened or killed out there due to a lack of understanding of how we manage growth, in fact, I do not think I am far from suggesting that ‘tweaking’ is the murderer number one juniper bonsai.

junipers accumulate energy of their limbs. If we do not grow we will weaken and finger pressure more we do, the more weakened. This applies to both the scale and the needle junipers. But please take a look at these pictures and read the captions-

This Kishu Shimpaku has no need of any restriction foliage. Growth is so slow and barely contained resized within one year. Eventually the tree will overcome himself and then will have to be removed some longer and shorter branches will replace them.

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This is also a juniper juniper scale as the Kishu above, and has two strong buds that have begun to grow beyond the foliage pad. Unless you want a longer branch, juniper basic maintenance is to take the scissors and cut these two extensions. Nothing removal needs. If the rest of slow growth tips pressed, the tree would panic and weaken. Always leave many points of growth in junipers- scale outbreaks can be cut off, but do not touch the tips of the shoots that are . Read again. And the strong selective elimination shoot a couple of times only a year ago, no more. Now let’s talk about needle junipers, which is totally different.

This is a needle juniper Juniperus rigida . We foemina treat the same way. Unlike junipers scale, needle junipers create long shoots of each point of growth, not just a couple. We need to let all the advice grow out of these trees at least so long. And it is often best to develop the energy of the tree. Then we come in, usually in early summer, with scissors and cut most of the new season shoot. In refined trees’re perhaps leaving 1/16 “or a little more, that’s it! I know it’s shocking, but a tree growing in good soil with lots of roots and strong growth of shoots throughout the tree explode with many more outbreaks. then a branch is obtained. If you let the tree grows outward and must literally no way I would be able to do it with your fingers, pinching. the shooting has . toughened partially out then Both types of junipers need sharp scissors, but the growth habits of the two are totally different only identify what you have and apply the right technique and flourish junipers Tip:.. the needle junipers love water and fertilizer. In the spring can be used as much water as a maple.

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Pinch never junipers!

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