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Photos From Japan: Matt reel, Tyler Sherrod, Kokufu, trees …

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Since this is a photo album with a strong vein of randomness, I will say little here and in the captions under the pictures … Enjoy!

A couple of hours before the Kokufu show premiered on February 4, roamed the neighborhood of Asakusa and found this strange little sanctuary. Stuffed animals in front of him were particularly arresting.

Inside the sales area Kokufu Green Club show, intricate steps. One year he was helping me set (must have been 2005 or 6) and ended just when a tremor struck. All we grabbed stands or what our hands closed around. When we stopped all looked at each other with big eyes. I can not look stacked tiers and trees like this without thinking of that day.

A quince Chojubai be reworked in a large box in Suzuki. This tree was about a meter wide.

Matt reel working on a Ezo spruce in the new study.

Matt and Tyler Tommy — the favorite meeting place of the local eclectic. They fit perfectly!

An incredibly good smaller Chojubai, also in Suzuki. This could be on the show Kokufu. Branching density, age and degree of compaction of the tree is rare.

Matt in front of the open truck returned Trees Kokufu series. amazing vehicle, the whole side of the thing built in the hydraulic system. Each tree has its own stand, and is linked to it. All of them were blocked in so nothing could change everything. The Maple Shishigashira amid Kokufu won a prize. The Stewartia that could recognize my book, and this was his first time in the Kokufu. Matt is 6’2 “and Stewartia is behind it. It’s huge! This photo of the trees again demonstrate the variety of trees Suzuki — enjoy working with a wide range of conifers and deciduous.

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Matt rapid method using the flower … vacuum cleaning. We had just finished pulling all the flowers out of this Ume who was on the show. Leave them in that would have weakened the tree — even be on the show was quite stressful.

There are many types of trees had flowers that were in the Kokufu … all were retired after the show.

the goofiness that can bring a long night … I lost glasses a week later. still can not find them. My last memory of them … sigh.

Tyler Sherrod concreting of a tree … this was an unusual filling operation in a very large and long in a camellia cavity. It was very close in the color of the crust, and looked great. Like Matt, Tyler is also 6’2 “. This crop of apprentices is massive. Matt and Tyler say they have small children scared just walking down the street shoulder to shoulder, a solid moving wall of guys with beards. Frightening!

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Photos From Japan: Matt reel, Tyler Sherrod, Kokufu, trees …

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