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Aphids are among the most common garden pests. They are relatively soft, soft and destructive. There are thousands of species and their reproductive strategies are varied and creative. They can be difficult to detect, and often feed on insects varieties that are similar in color, but do not let the color keeps them from feeding on the sap succulent. Aphids

What’s that in the shadows?



I’ve seen who come 1cm, but most of my garden are several millimeters long. Aphids

Ahpid foreground

Depending on the severity of the infestation, control practices vary blasting insects with a hose for insecticidal soaps, topical oils and systemic for pesticides. Environmentally friendlier approaches include the release of aphid predators such as ladybird. As they grow aphids, which shed, leaving behind pale exoskeletons. Aphids

aphid exoskeletons

commonly Aphids Ants “farm” for honeydew, aphids secrete sticky sweet liquid when they feed. When you see bonsai ants, aphids look closely because the two are often found together. Although aphids tend to associate with the most succulent foliage varieties of deciduous conifer aphids they can attack too. The gift is not uniform foliage color. Aphids



Aphids on pine

Aphids often focus on the weak foliage, and further weaken plus any foliage on which the feed. Aphids

aphid damage on the needles of last year

With sufficient to feed on pine leaves time can cause yellow needles and die. uncontrolled infestation can do the same with whole trees. And because aphids can be harmful virus vectors, which can represent a significant threat to bonsai. Aphids

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The branch of the left lost their needles due to damage aphid

Treatment of aphids in the pine is the same as treating them in broad-leaved trees. Aphids avoid as much as possible, providing enough light and fresh air into the tree. Keep the plants too full and crowded side by side on the bank creates the ideal conditions for aphids. Just say no! – Give your trees space and sunlight they deserve

Occasionally aphids provide costumes for themselves. Fortunately, in the case of woolly apple aphid, the costume is the draw.

Wooly apple ahpid

wooly apple aphid in apple

Small, brown aphid secretions create fluffy, white where they hide. Cotton-like structures are often near the tips. Treat them as you would other aphid.

Wooly apple ahpid


Wooly apple ahpid

wooly apple aphid

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