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Pesticide Control: Commentary on Bayer

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As those of you who have been following this blog for a while (my condolences) know, who tend to rely heavily on aesthetics, philosophy and flights of fancy. Well, just to balance things out a bit, I thought we could chat briefly on the raw side of bonsai :. Pest control

Above all I would like to talk about Bayer today. For those who are unfamiliar with Bayer, which makes a line of products that work against many pests. They are effective, and their products are easy to find in many stores. Those with 50 or fewer trees might well find that careful use of Bayer can take care of many pest problems, including Adelgids, aphids, borers, caterpillars, leafminers, and Scale. Interestingly, although there is some evidence that it may affect the life cycle of the spider mite, which is not very effective against them and may actually harm predators mite more than the mites themselves, causing an inverse response that can cause outbreaks mites.

The insecticidal active ingredients are mainly Bayer imidacloprid, and secondly, clothianidin. Poisons are specific insects with much less toxicity and danger to mammals, fish and amphibians (if any). These chemicals are similar to nicotine which has been used as an insecticide for a very long time chemical structure. At first glance, this product seems to be very useful.

However, note: Imidacloprid is not a benign insecticide. Its use should be limited to plants not attract bees. Imidacloprid is thought to be an important contributing factor in the collapse disorder bee colonies. Consider different pest control with your bonsai bloom.

With that warning concerning bees, they can find a limited use of Bayer to be useful. Unfortunately, Bayer makes several products that are so similar that confused me several times in the past. Instead of running through all products, I’ll put a picture here of the label that I have found most useful. The reasons why this is the one I prefer is because it is 1. Listed for use with plants in containers (that many others are not), 2. is a systemic long-term as opposed to short-term systemic. Having a little fertilizer in it does not bother me too much, especially because an application will last for many months. (I prefer precision control with fertilization of each plant, and if I had more fertilizer in it I be afraid to use this product.)

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The most useful Bayer product for bonsai

The most useful product for Bayer bonsai .. . but please read entire ad for precautions!

One teaspoon per gallon deals with a lot of common pests. Moisten the root ball with dilution. With deciduous trees systemic effect is noticeable within a day or two in a warm and sunny climate, which is in rapid translocation from root to where things are nibbling or sucking the foliage above. It will work for aphids and adelgids in a pine or juniper, well, it only takes about 5 days for the slower translocation of trees before seeing the dead insects. Try spraying the tree with the product at the same time as a soil drench.

If you have a small collection of bonsais should definitely consider the application of any pesticide only when they see a problem. The smaller number of poisons, especially long-term poisoning, which must be within the earth and in the tissues of plants will have fewer problems with other species of beneficial insects. Although very fugitive in the sunlight, these chemicals can last long in soil or plants. prophylactic spray should be reserved for larger operations, perhaps using different chemicals, and again not around flowers that can attract bees.

felt commentary Bayer be important not because I’m supporting in particular, but because it is so readily available and many of us are using that awareness of its limitations and dangers would be useful. Anyone wishing to comment on their experiences are certainly welcome to do so (especially chemists and entomologists!)

(in short: Message of the first tour Portland Bonsai Village!)

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Pesticide Control: Commentary on Bayer

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