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Recent Bonsai Tree Care Informations

Genko Kai exhibition in Hoshun in

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Seiji Morimae, owner of S-Cube Bonsai in Japan, runs an organization called bonsai Genko Kai. Coinciding with this year Taikan-ten the Genko Kai held an exhibition at the Houshun-in temple, one of the 22 sub-temples in the Daitoku-ji complex (see p.... More »

A juniper with character

bonsai general - 21 views

Great junipers have great character. The twists and turns transmit trunk of a tree's response to its environment. In the best examples, this movement is beautiful and unique. Shimpaku This is one of the most amazing trees I've seen in my rec.... More »

2015 Photo Accident …

2015 Photo Accident …

bonsai general - 34 views

As is usual, here are the most embarrassing photos of the year offered for your pleasure of teasing. No subtitles, because, unfortunately, the pictures tell all- If you like this portfolio of riffraff, treat recent years also: https://crataegus.... More »

A curious display

bonsai general - 25 views

I'll keep this simple post - Does anyone know the story behind this screen from last month Taikan-ten Display figures the figures root wood Close box figures This article was originally published on .... More »

Holiday Bonsai Video –

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... well, it's not really about the holidays, but this video is holding something ... Is 15 anniversary of Bonsai Empire, and the idea of ​​bonsai experts answer your questions in videos cooked ... there are almost 30 of them, and every day o.... More »

More SHITAKUSA Taikan-ten

bonsai general - 27 views

The emphasis then is common - someone can you provide the name If you look carefully, you will notice a shooting a different plant - leaf resembles Kinzu to me peaceful Ajania (before chrysanthemum pacificum) - Japanese. iso Giku (Thanks to.... More »

More than an accent

bonsai general - 24 views

Referring to the accompanying exhibits fine pieces as "accents" they not always do them justice. The use of Japanese "kusamono" is not much better, as the term translates directly to "grass-" or "weed thing." can provide color accents add interes.... More »

New projects from backcountry Bonsai –

New projects from backcountry Bonsai –

bonsai general - 25 views

A preview of some conifers Yamadori trees in line styling in the next couple of years in Crataegus Bonsai. Trees are courtesy of backcountry Bonsai collection duo Steve and Dan Varland Wiederrecht. These six trees are Rocky Mountain juniper and p.... More »

A few months Photos –

A few months Photos –

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Occasionally it's good just to move inventory through the photos to see what, if anything, they've been doing the last months. This is not so much a photo essay as a random mix of bonsai works '' in the study, about the study, and the study also fa.... More »

Winner of black pine in the 35th Taikan-ten

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What kind of trees win prizes at prestigious exhibitions Japanese Taikan-ten? Black pine trees as below. pine Black This tree took top honors in this year Taikan-ten. The work is by Masahiko Kimura. What is special about the tree? Good healt.... More »