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Open registration for the International Bonsai and Culture Biennial 2014

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A very interesting event bonsai is coming to Yogyakarta, Indonesia, this fall: The International Bonsai and Culture Biennial 2014. the event runs from October 18 to 21, will feature ten manifestations of an international cast, including Pedro Morales, Mauro Stemberger, Robert Steven, and Bill Valavanis. From the brochure:

This is the first exhibition of bonsai trees ever done with the new concept of presentation to accommodate the creative and innovative inspiration to collaborate bonsai art with other art forms, because we believe that art is a living being and has no limit on the transmission of messages from the creator. We hope this will open a new perspective to the word bonsai, and bring more fun to the art of bonsai. However, of course, also you are witnessed many “conventional” display, but in a better way.

What can some of these new perspectives in bonsai exhibition looks?

bonsai conventional screen

Bonsai with frame and Figure

Bonsai slightly off

bonsai Yin-Yang with stones

Saturday Evening Post covers with bonsai

Leading wire

the exhibition will be located in an old historic Dutch fort, the “Vredeburg fortress Museum” and “Night of International Culture” will be conducted by our Yogya Sultan in the “Keraton Palace.” All are within walking distance to the city center, the traditional market Beringharjo, night market etc. Malioboro After the opening ceremony, all guests will join the “Andong” horse-cart and parade “becak” city to enjoy viewing the unique along the boulevard of the city bonsai.

The event will feature lots of local food, culture and entertainment, including a birthday party Yogyakarta.

18 to 21 October 2014 will have been in concert with the celebration of 258 anniversary of the city of Yogyakarta; so we will also celebrate together the “Night of 258 of Yogyakarta lanterns.” We are expecting hundreds of guests from around the world, including bonsai masters world famous. Among our friends who come are Naemi Mrs. Iwasaki, Mr. Kato Hatsu, Solita Rosade, Mauro Stemberger, Pedro Morales, Bill Valavanis, Prof. Amy Liang, Wu Cheng Fa, Wei Huang Jiu etc.

Online registration is open – Register Now

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Open registration for the International Bonsai and Culture Biennial 2014

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