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One essential for the health of the plant: Water pH

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Make your trees been a little yellow? They seem to be stressed? It may be time to check the pH of the water.

When our bonsai are watered with an acceptable pH, a variable is removed to plant stress. mineral deficiencies (high pH) and toxicities (low pH) is avoided in the acceptable range. Any type of water source, whether it is from a well or a municipal source, should be checked occasionally for pH. Some municipal water sources in particular can vary greatly throughout the year, from the low of 6 to more than 8 in the summer.

  • Naturally might think is better neutral, a pH of 7. And it is not bad , you can grow plants in it. But actually the widest range of plants can be grown in the slightly acidic pH, so a pH of 6-6.5 is ideal.
  • A pH of 8 is 10 times more alkaline than a pH of 7, so some precision here is a good thing.
  • Once we have higher in the alkaline range, above 7.5, the solubility limit, absorption and therefore fertilizer. Phosphorus in particular is one of the less soluble, but is at its most accessible to plants at pH 6.5

pH test kit is better with a pH of fresh water, which use drops, which is in a pet store and is used to measure the pH in the fish tanks. Avoid litmus paper. It is not accurate enough.


pH kit from a pet store … filled with water to the white line, add three drops of test solution, the lid, then shake. This test came out just for our bonsái about pH 6.3. PH 6 to 6.5 is ideal.

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Okay then, enough of the tibia to the subject …

  • So how adjust the pH that leaves our hoses to achieve better health bonsai we can?

The simplest is to use a siphon to a small or modest courtyard of bonsai. siphons fertilizer can be used to inject a dilute acid (muriatic mixed with water is the best) in the hose. The thin hoselet siphon falls into the bucket of diluted acid, and introduced into the tube near bib. Then, the injection of acid is mixed into the hose as water. With some adjustment amount of acid per gallon of concentrate having, that is easy with a constant pH water leaving the hose.


Siphon attracting a mixture of water and muriatic acid in the hose, with a little experimentation, it is easy to obtain predictable pH exiting the water hose with bonsai. (This is a brass siphon Hozon, seems to work better than plastic.)

For example, say we have a bucket of five gallons of tap water at about pH 7.8. If we add about 0.5 ounces of muriatic acid to five gallons, and trap in our hose, which will come out of that hose to about pH 6-6.5, perfect for our bonsai.

  • The siphon works in a draw. Make sure the water volume of his wand in a set configuration, or pH change. In other words, if we have a ball valve and water with less than open fully, it is different if we have the key fully open pH. I have a very soft water wand and open it completely, and leave it there, so that the pH does not change at all.
  • This does not assume that most of you have water that is, in any case, too alkaline.
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Water hardness is a separate issue … but adjusting the pH will take over one of the main problems of water could have.

(Make sure you do not get muriatic acid on your skin, but if you do, wash immediately do the trick.)

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One essential for the health of the plant: Water pH

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