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Olive Bonsai tree

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Olive Bonsai tree , care – The bonsai olive tree is a tree of medium size, can reach 90 cm in height. In winter assumes a green coloring. It is an evergreen plant that retains its leaves all year round. The olive tree is a bonsai shrub development. The weak point of olive bonsai is its low tolerance to cold. The problem is that it produces very fine roots that are not able to withstand prolonged frost. The leaves can withstand temperatures of between 6 and 8 ° C. Therefore, in the colder regions it is advisable to cushion the floor. We must place the Olive in a bright place where you direct light arrives.

Olive Bonsai tree Care

Olive Bonsai Care

It is a bonsai can tolerate the hot, dry weather, like hot or cold winds. It has a slow growth, while vigorously. During the summer months we nurture our bonsai adding specific manure every 20 to 25 days. At this time of year the manure must be rich in nitrogen and potassium, to favor flowering and the development of new vegetation.

Control often bonsai mulch to prevent it from being too dry for extended periods of time. Watered regularly, but not frequently, every 10 or 11 days, with 2 or 3 glasses of water (remember that these measures are indicative), letting the soil stays dry at least two days before repeating the irrigation. Over watering is advisable to avoid excesses, even if needed to wet the ground well.

Perform them transplants spring, removing 1/3 of the roots and removing old leaves. You can be transplanted every two to three years. Fertilize with organic fertilizer to slow decomposition. Another important aspect is the addition of trace elements, at least once a year. We can use complete manure, with trace elements or trace elements themselves as slow diffusion.

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Olive Bonsai tree

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