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October 4, The Juniper Bonsai

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Juniper bonsai is one of the most recognized species used to create these “little trees.”

Although it has been used for centuries by bonsai artists and fans, which became popular among the general public through a film. junipers rápidamenteque became known as “The Karate Kid” bonsai.

Pines have sidovenerada for hundreds of years in the East. Lamira resemble junipers Pines.

is not so surprising, many people in todoel world has as its first bonsai tree.

There many varieties available .

is more likely that one will be appropriate for your climate.

Two of the most popular and easiest to grow are Shimpaku and procumbens nana varieties.

juniper bonsai tree styled by Nacho Marin Juniper group created by the Venezuelan Nacho Marín Recently styled juniper bonsai. Photo by Bob Yahrling

This bonsai has newly created temporary mooring wire to facilitate positioning of the branches.

The jins (deadwood) were created on purpose to give a natural look old.

This is proof of bonsai does not have to be big to be beautiful. (Height 12 inches.)

More information about very small bonsai.

Creating your own Juniper Bonsai

If you have decided to create your own bonsai, the easiest way to start is by using a plant from your local nursery .

Juniper Nursery Stock Juniper nursery

Experiment cut branches and foliage, but leave the raícessolo until a tip on the amount you get and the time the year inits climate.

You can learn on your own; However, practical lessons on will be more likely to get you started in the right direction.

Look for a bonsai club near you, and start an exciting journey with bonsai. You can often recommend a good local teacher.

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Juniper bonsai start by David Chauvin Juniper David Chauvin after First Styling

This is an “after” picture of the plant nursery above.

It is now in a vessel formation (actually a pot of cut nursery.)

Look closely to see the wire and watch well-trained jins created by designer David Chauvin.

When the season is right, when the season is right, the roots are pruned and go in a bonsai pot.

Here is a video of the whole process on the other David. David Cutchin created this time-lapse photography of his Juniper procumbens since its inception as a plant nursery.

After his style, juniper in the video was pruned roots and now looks like this bonsai in a container.

David Cutchin shown in the Appleton Museum, Ocala, Florida in 2014 as part of an incredible exhibition.

Another Juniper Story

not the ongoing efforts of an artist is lost to perfect a wonderful juniper bonsai. He also started a plant nursery!

See other “Juniper Styling from the beginning”

Tanuki – a special technique

Japanese words bonsái tanuki “are used to describe what many refer to as graft Phoenix and sometimes” bonsai false. “

is not a style but a unique technique to make bonsai seemed much older what they are!

Read more about this in bonsai page tanuki .

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October 4, The Juniper Bonsai

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