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Oct 5, Art Bonsai, often created by People Bonsai

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When I decided to create a page on the art of bonsai, I quickly realized what many bonsai people also believe what which are considered the most traditional forms of art … painting, drawing and sculpture.

I’ve met some of the these talented people for many years.

Some are known to most recent.

all have artistic talent, often influenced by their passion for bonsai.

Clay sculpture by Paul Finch

Paul Finch is a British bonsai practitioner, who is also a sculptor of incredible talent! It is hard to believe that the previous clay sculpture is is not alive !

Chad Beatty was in a bonsai convention Florida, when I met him.

Chad “ works mainly in oils, painting mystical and sublime scenes rich in symbolism .” I nfluenced for their appreciation of bonsai, h E has developed a adicionalcorriente of artworks calling Kiri No Ki .

This branch flower is one of my favorites.

Bonsai Art by Chad Beatty

Bonsai Art by Carl Rosner

Carl Rosner is an online friend several years. Although Carl’ve never met in person, he has been active in several of my bonsai web pages and now appears his first love on this page -painting.

Carl was born, raised and still lives in New Jersey.

Much of his work is painted on commission. He has created a work of very special art for several bonsai people including Jim Smith and Jim Moody.

You may recognize this bonsai Jim Moody Brazilian Rain Tree in this original oil painting.

See more huge range of paintings by Carl.

Bonsai Art Postage Stamp

Bonsai fans have a crusade to stamp bonsai for years … the time has come! The US Postal Service has selected five paintings of bonsai tree wildlife artist of Hawaii John D. Dawson always appears in stamps. ( Now available .)

Although not a practice of “bonsai artist,” Mr. Dawson truly get! We are honored for their talent.

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Michele Andolfo is a bonsai instructor and artist in Italy.

Used very successfully in their classes bonsai art as inspiration.

This work was created while teaching in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Ernie Fernandez Bonsai art

Ernie Fernandez is a friend of many bonsai years.

sometimes it is hard to imagine the future of a bonsai tree new design.

drawings Ernie really show what can happen with some years of care, care and passion

Anyone who receives a picture of Ernie – new bonsai tree -. “the plan” should be encouraged to follow largely

Ben Oki

Ben Oki was among the first students of John Naka.

He has been growing and teaching bonsai since 1958. When traveling brings his sketchbook.

Ben is also achieved in designing Japanese gardens … many with magnificent stone arrangements.

For many years his annual visits to Florida include visits to prison bonsai in Stark, Florida.

Bonsai Treasures
art Bonsai and artists who have left us

Two very important artists, who are no longer with us, can not go unmentioned.

Joe Samuels

Joe Samuels was a bonsai artist well and self colorists water.

For many years, his friends looked forward to his hand pintadaTarjeta Christmas.

Joe ended with the creation of these “quick notes” as they called it, however, relished the many hours of creating larger, even more works.

(Joe Samuels is also the artist who introduced bonsai Ficus nerifolia for the bonsai world!)

bonsai art by Joe Samuels

This watercolor is the latest in a series of three painted after hurricane Andrew. Joe named it “The Aftermath”.

John Naka

John Naka sketches’ s helped many of us through early days of our bonsai experience.

Many were donated in honor of John, to the National Bonsai Foundation in Washington, DC.

In addition to the conceptual drawings, John was an accomplished painter.

(The Cheryl Manning site has lots of pictures and stories about John Naka, including some of his art. )

Someone’ve lost me? Please help me fill in the gaps!

If you know an artist who deserves to be mentioned on my site, please let me know.

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Where to go from here

Facebook recently introduced me to the world of wire tree sculptures .

Is it art or craft? I’ll let you decide,

Leave Bonsai Art, see bonsai trees wire!

If you find disconcerting bonsai, take a minute (or 10) to arm these bonsai puzzle .

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Oct 5, Art Bonsai, often created by People Bonsai

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