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Oct 25 I created a website? My secret.

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If you’ve been looking through my site, you probably think I have some knowledge of technology … you are wrong! I have a secret that I like to share.

after successfully publishing a brochure on bonsai care and a paperback book on bonsai misc. (Now out of print), I realized when writing a book.

With some encouragement from friends, I decided to create a website instead.

I found I could expand elcontenido, add color images and even rewriting at a given time. . . without the expense of another publication.

The problem was, I’m not tech-savvy and I started not know how!

My web experience wild ride began with the purchase of a “ fantastic, excellent, incredibly fast and easy, make a million, creating a site agreement ” .

starts as an embarrassing story, but I’m saying it anyway.

Bad Beginning

My web experience wild ride began with the purchase of a “ fantastic, excellent, incredibly fast and easy, make a million, creating a site agreement “.

starts as an embarrassing story, but I say it anyway. This is the embarrassing part …

I admit, I managed to convince that one of those bargains ‘hard sell’ to create a website to only $ 500 and receive ten (or was twenty) DVDs, five electronic books and all these “secrets”, guaranteed!

Caray! How could you go wrong?

to receive the package in the mail, I was willing to learn everything I could about websites.

In the first DVD, had no idea what they were talking about !

When I heard “oh, by the way, it is also necessary” I had a clue.

it was not long before I realized that $ 500 was just the beginning.

quickly my payment stopped credit card and the product is returned.

Final Good

Sometime after that experience, a friend introduced me to site build it . By then I was gun shy, but he also knew building a site was something that really wanted to do.

When I place him first ‘fair warning “I realized were:

  • ” This is not quick and easy . “ and
  • ” get rich quick “is a fraud .
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Well, that caught my attention.

there was also a money back guarantee . When I signed, I received no CD deluxe or stacks of paper meaningless. in no time, I was ready to start, right there on my computer

knew very little about how to create anything on the computer -.. Besides e-mail I took two days to find Bloc notes

( My fault , which is where I should have contacted the free fantastic SBI forums ! – other members are always there to help)

After I was on my way ..

  • SBI will It is given a choice of written and / or video guides . I use both!
  • All research instruments are easy to use.
  • HTML? I had no idea what it was. You do not need to know HTML unless you want to.
  • If you are like me, the OSI was built for you. Has a fill in the blanks of the system ! (Y ou do not have to go that way if you’re a techie.)
  • Talk about a [solution one window ! There are some luxury options, but do not need to buy anything extra!
  • If you get stuck, contact forums . Everyone is there to help, and they do.

  • You never buy a better product that gives you exactly what it promises ym mineral!

It has taken a long time to get where I am today, yes. (Over 100 pages and 20,000 visitors per month!)

Was it all easy days, no. sometimes I felt like I was in college!

I am happy with the results? You gamble!

If I can do this, that surely can!

Click here for information SBI in Spanish

  • Perhaps you already have a place where nothing is happening .

  • They also been burned by hard-sell offers?
  • Do you have an idea of ​​”creating a web page” one day
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  • The tight money SBI has two payment options. One time or easy monthly payments.

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Oct 25 I created a website? My secret.

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