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Oct 22 Bonsai Magic Cloth

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The first time I saw a “magic cloth ‘was in a workshop bonsái with John Naka I was a rookie [

Bonsai tool set needs a Magic Cloth

I remember the tree, but remember John looking, somewhat frantically around the room.

Someone asked if they could do something for him … “a handkerchief, paper napkin or something,” replied

I caught up on my lap and handed the -. not as clean towel -small I always kept my toolkit bonsai. immediately a branch with fabric covered.

suddenly his design concept for my bonsai became very clear!

John said. “in case of doubt, covers the branch and imagine what the tree would look like without it”

I never forgot the lesson, and continued to use it.

Many years later, when I began to teach bonsai, the fabric was mágicauna way to guide students to better design uncut t trees heir.

magic cloth, powder puff, Mary Miller bonsai

The dwarf bonsai powder puff Calliandra e -. Shown here, they arrived in full bloom for a critique.

The overall design tree and flowers were so wonderful, it was hard to fault.

However, the first two branches Re heavy branches bars -. And a little annoying to me

suggested that the loss of one of them, and covered .

( I’m not sure I convinced the owner .)

Bonsai tool set needs a Magic Cloth

Sometimes, it takes a large towel or even two small to get the full impact

If you are not SUR e -. Covering all under consideration for elimination, before to reach your toolkit bonsai.

I g one so far as to leave the fabric around the day w hile I worked on other trees.

When I returned to the encuestión bonsai and the fabric is removed – I often wondered why I have hesitated.

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The magic cloth did wonders with this tree – like bonsai tools that followed! Half of the original bonsai rightly disappeared.

(Instead of cutting the top of this tree, that uses an air layer .)

My mageweave not obtained Respect

no longer a dirty rag, I embroidered fabrics. My daughter Angela surprised me with two of them as a gift. I hope that the value of this tool is and is an addition to your toolkit bonsai.

get your very own cloth Magic

This cloth magic is now available for personal use and as a teaching tool or gift!

Also available in green.

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Oct 22 Bonsai Magic Cloth

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