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Nurture and care for a bonsai – miracle therapy!

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Nurture and care for a bonsai

Nurture and care for a bonsai – It is proven, who is dedicated to the art of caring for a bonsai, of course practicing creativity, stimulates your inner peace and contemplate the beauty. Learn how to keep this little living tree, with much love.

Care for and maintain a bonsai is something you do for centuries in Japan and China. It was understood in these countries not only as an art – as if it were a living sculpture – but also as an object of meditation. With a tiny tree in a vase of your home can learn to balance your spirit and harmonize your home. And if you think for this miraculous therapy is necessary to have a lot of work, you’re wrong.

The bonsai only needs the same daily treatment that has with its other plants plus 20 minutes daily of your attention. The he will dedicate him only the features that should be the most noble of any human being: a little of your time. He will repay him with plenty of positive energy. Keep it alive with a lot of love!

Nurture and care for a bonsai  – General rules

  • First, like any other plant, bonsai needs water. To see how much you should use it to inform you that ecological species belongs to decide to purchase and bring a leaflet;
  • The most important thing is not “drown” your bonsai, as it may, for example, providing fungal growth on the plant or rot the roots. The soil should be kept slightly moist but not too soggy;
  • not sure it must have good drainage in the pot where you keep your bonsai. This will prevent the soil from your plant to get too much water;
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Continuous root formation

For Bonsai continue to form roots, still young, and absorb water conditions, must exchange their land with some frequency, because only then will remain green and healthy. Over time the need for this exchange will be less frequent and advised during

How to choose the land?

As already mentioned, the most important is that the vessel where your bonsai has good drainage. However, the most suitable soil to keep
a living bonsai is a mixture of sand, clay, peat and humus. By living in a small space, and to keep their ever-growing roots should use some fertilizers. Between spring and late summer, from 20 to 20 days, use a liquid fertilizer to your bonsai. To prevent this disease her loving tree, make a prevention of 30 in 30 days, using an insecticide indicated for this purpose.

Control temperature

As a rule, many of the traditional Bonsai plants live best in temperate environments (sun exposure and any moisture), that does not mean that some ecological species cannot give better heat and other cold. It is then necessary to know which option is best for your little plant.

How to prune?

First, know that the ideal environment for your bonsai is happiest is keeping its initial shape, removing all branches that will grow the most. But have some caution as excessive pruning can also kill your little tree.

As we get older, the bonsai will need less pruning. Ideally, when a branch reaches 10 pairs of leaves, should reduce it to four. Pruning the canopy is the most important because this way will create open spaces in the tree on to receive the “open arms” the sun. To trim the leaves, use a leaf trimmer and he can maintain the original shape of the bonsai. If you experience any difficulty maintaining your tree into the desired shape, you should try to use the technique of copper wires, involving them in the branches and trunks. It should be left in place between six to nine months, so that the young branches from becoming tough and mature wood. Attempting to remove the wire before that time may run the risk of breaking a twig of your bonsai.

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Benefits of bonsai care

Many studies have proven that caring for a bonsai can have many health benefits. Apart from being a hobby extremely positive for relaxation, is also an ideal therapy for motor coordination and concentration. Relieves daily stress, make it evolve into a spiritual plane and will make it more tolerant, more patient and less stressed. Interact with your tree, give them love, watch it, and contemplate it. Elevate your soul practicing bonsai!

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Nurture and care for a bonsai – miracle therapy!

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