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Notes: Part 4 Chojubai Pots for Chojubai

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Being a bonsai thin stem, flowering quince more dwarf ‘Chojubai’ would naturally make you think, ‘shallow pot! “But we would just causing pain to our tree …

… or bush .

Because it is really the crux of the matter. Chojubai it is a shrub, a fact that influences everything related to care and maintenance, including the pot choice. you’ve probably noticed pictures of beautiful old azaleas in Japan in deeper pots. Almost all shrubs do better in deeper pots .


Chojubai in a deepish pot, either generally growing from year to year. Many pots Chojubai are even deeper than this.

Why is this? Why prefer deeper pots? shrubs tend to have roots feed on the surface instead of looking deep roots. it sounds like it would do well in a shallow pot … except shrubs as Chojubai they prefer even moisture in their roots, not too dry or too wet. And shallow pots easily create those extreme conditions.

In some cases the root system of a bush in a deeper pot will only colonize the upper 2/3 of the pot, but do not worry about that. The bottom of 1/3 or less is like a float, float above the roots of the most likely area to stay too wet.


Kokufu Chojubai in the show last year, in a shallower pot for display. Most of these trees are transferred back into a deep pot back to the function. I love this tree. natural style of great beauty, it absorbs more about the natural beauty beauty- man

pots shallow can be used with Chojubai, but care will be more demanding, and mostly used only for demonstration. Care of many plants in shallow pots, even for those plants that tend to grow in them, like maples, it is a challenge. For the care and growth of custom, a Chojubai should be planted deeper than one thinks pots.

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In summary, pots Chojubai should be:

  • surface: To display
  • Deeper: Best for growth throughout the year

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Notes: Part 4 Chojubai Pots for Chojubai

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